Thosai Maggi Goreng Limau Is

On the rare occasion that we get together, have a decent conversation, and show each other some love. This was one of them. Rare, fleeting, but truly golden. (makes me crave for a plate for maggi goreng now.)


We talked about love, life, relationships, work, children, family. I love you, though I may not say it. For all the indiosyncracies and craziness in our lives, at the heart of it all. I love you, and I hope this never changes, not with time, not with wear and tear. In fact, I hope we emerge at the end of our lives, better and stronger. The odds are against us, probably, but I can hope and try.


Much like the strange combination of our choice of food, life is like a strange combination of things coming together. The recent events have set me thinking about many things, not all of them good, but I suppose it is a good excuse to take the skeletons out of the closet. All the things I have buried in my heart and never told a soul, perhaps its time for some of time to come to light. Some, not all. 🙂