The chatter of life and death never fails to get me down. The cyclicality, the constant rollercoaster of emotions, I cannot help but wonder the point of all of this. God and I have these conversations, about life and life after death. I consistently challenge God and the interpretations of the bible; He tells me I need more faith. I tell him, He needs more logic and we chuckle at ourselves. Some days, the conversation does not come so easy, with Him and me often at odds. Some days I am full of anger, irate at the state of affairs and enraged by my helplessness, we debate – it is heated with hot angry tears and I usually walk away more helpless than before. In time, He finds ways to pick me up again and we start from square one.


Today, I come to you, cupping in my hands these broken pieces, and I hope you will glue it together. Piecemeal, just so I can get through the day.