When grumpy turned less grumpy

You know your morning is going to be a bad one when you: Start out your day with a tummy ache, but with no real urge to go. Find lots of kernel shells in your bowl of oats. Realise that the skirt you bought 2 months ago barely fits you now. Still have a tummyache. Get ready early only to find that the ride to the bus stop is late. Forget to bring your ipod which is still charging at home. Get onto an impossibly crowded bus. Balance at a rather odd angle. Bump into your overzealous intern on the bus. Have people shove you while they get off, then have someone else block you while you try to get off. 😦


Bad morning. But I say a little prayer for the little bright lights in this gloomy morning. 1) A happy SMS 2) Gold Access to MM 3) R being in later today 4) and a nice hot caramel macchiato.

Ooh, and must remember to pay my credit card bill and IRAS! The sheer amount of interest charges I accrue at 24% per annum is NOT fun.ny.


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