The Fear.

In the cycle of life, the topic of mortality often gets brought up with some, if not many proclaiming to not fear death. Hear hear I say, because the deep-seated fear really lies in the fear of suffering versus death. The fear of suffering in pain, the fear of being a burden to other, the fear of not being able to accomplish plans and ambition overrides all other fears. Death is simple and black-and-white. You die, you end your pain, and you end someone else’s misery. You don’t die, now that is the issue. You don’t die, you suffer, and you bring burden atop of others’ existing burdens. Hence, I think euthanasia should be seriously considered as an option, religion aside. Life is complicated, why do we insist on complicating it further?


On a completely different note, these thoughts have given me impetus to think about how I live my life and how I prioritize my time.

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