The Travelling Nun.

The travelling nun stops naught for long at any single destination – always exploring, always adventuring. Her beating heart one beats for one, the one that keeps her travelling.  Each journey different from the last, no two journeys ever the same, she travels to the far reaches of the world, to some day reach the stars.


jin tiah.

Like there’s a hole in my heart, which I carry around like a ton sized burden. I slept well last night despite all the things going through my head. Waking up this morning, I felt an overwhelming urge to call you, but I remember you’re on leave today and I’m not allowed to call on leave days. The urge to hear your voice, to tell you about my day, to feel your comforting arms around me, it turns to stone – you’re not there. So for the rest of today, I carry around a hole in my heart that weighs a tonne.  I can’t stop the damn tears.