Urban fairytales

In my boredom, inability to work and process more spreadsheet formulas, I turn to surfing the internet quite listlessly and aimlessly. Surfing through a host of rubbish, I revisit some of my usual blog haunts such as Xiaxue, Kennysia and JoannePeh. It has been quite some time since I last blog surfed, 3 month perhaps, maybe more. Xiaxue’s THE LOVE STORY made me tear. Like zomg. I am not usually or easily moved by love stories, but the imemonemo self seems to have grown pathologically. Stories like hers are few and far between, but it gives hope that true love can be found in the strangest of places, in the most unlikely and unusual circumstances. Her love story is sweet. Clawingly. In some weird part of me, I feel happy for her fairy tale ending. Fairytales are labelled ‘fairytales’ for the specific reason that they are not real and they do not happen in reality.  To hear a real far-fetched fairytale is even less likely, with the odds at a million to one or something.


There is no point to this post. I just felt strangely compelled to write about her happy ending and how it all ties in with my inner princess-in-distress waiting for her prince charming to sweep off her feet and into happily ever after. Random. Very.



I was listening to Sean Paul’s Hold My Hand and I had a flash back of the time you wrote on a piece of paper, ” I will hold your hand”. It is a really random event which I never really committed to memory, but listening to the song, I suddenly remembered the moment. Oh well, more randomness.

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