I want to…

end the year on a good note and start the year with fresh hopes and dazzling positivity.

2009: A year of changes, a year of ever flowing energies. A year of uncertainty, a year of opportunities. A year where I’ll look back and think to myself, I have done something worthwhile to my life. It may be small and imperceptible to some, but some others have seen it. The miniscule change of shedding some skin, opening some doors, and brightening my outlook. This year, I have learnt to let go of some anger and disappointment, learnt to be a little more positive to situations and excited about new prospects, learnt to appreciate the ones I love the most.

2010, I want to grow in betterment, to be better accountable for my life, to look back and not feel the niggling sense of regret. Even in the face of difficulty, to carry myself with love, hope and respect.  🙂


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