Merder: We’re all dark and twisty.

“Finally (in my meredith grey voiceover), if we have loved with everything we’ve got, we can and need to hope that this same love that can almost destroy us, can also heal us.” – taken off S‘s recent post, which spoke to me after I heard about the passing of an acquaintance’s mother. She passed on at age 47, of cervical cancer. I have never met her, but the passing on of a loved one is always painful. Whether we know the person or not, the emotion is pretty much the same. In the face of loss which life brings, the tears wash away the facade we put on everyday to reveal vulnerability and fear.  Vulnerability and fear, which we all secretly battle with in the deepest darkest depths of our souls. Life is fragile and fraught with uncertainty, we cannot control our future nor the present, so let life take you on that journey of uncertainty, because the one thing we can control is our perception and reaction to the situation unfolding before our very eyes.

I’m learning to fall to fly. Sometimes we all need a change of perspective to better understand ourselves and what we want in life. I hope I don’t crash and burn.


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