X and a sound technician.

I told C about very minor flirtatious message that I sent to a certain individualand she returned the story of Xue and how X told her that she could imagine herself dating C’s colleague – 38 years old, beng and full of shit. I did not know if I should have felt better or worse at that point in time, given my personal selection of individual that I chose to flirt with.

But really, that is not the point of this post. POINT: I came clean with certain individual and basically told him everything that transpired between Z and me. He fears for his job and is staying away from me like I’ve got an STD or something. It kind of disses me off, because a bit of flirting really makes my day. Of course I wouldn’t tell that to Z, but it does. Honestly. All I crave for now is a cigarette, to take the edge of and to not have to ask the hard questions in life – Is Z the right one for me? Or am I just doing this to make the relationship harder simply because I’m tired? He really doesn’t give me much space and time apart, so much so, we’re practically “married”.

Dee, can’t wait for post-CFA, I will be needing a smoke then.