thinks abhisit is kind of cute and isn’t afraid to admit it.

A lot has happened since the last post, mostly at work. Work has kept me very busy and helped me a lot in the ageing process. ML stepped into office yesterday only to say to my face, “These few weeks have aged you ah…”. -_-“”

While work tires me out, stresses me out, and sometimes things happen that make me think about quitting. Overall, I have to admit that I am rather thankful for getting this job. A few things to be grateful for:

  • I managed to get myself out of a job in SCB which was painfully boring and career non-advancing.
  • The people here are way nice and I couldn’t ask for a better working environment, though sometimes I do wish I had friends here to speak of.
  • The learning curve is continually forcing me to push new boundaries, though I’m beginning to think that the boss wishes she had hired someone who was somewhat brilliant, versus mediocre me. I try and I hope to have the passion and determination to keep trying till I make it.
  • The hours here are decent. I spoke to janitor auntie when I stepped out at 8pm, her day starts at 730am and ends at 9pm, and she’s not young.
  • The office is near home and near a gym, so I can work my butt off and burn some calories.

So this post has nothing really to do with Abhisit. I did return from Bangkok recently over the weekend when the state of emergency was announced, and it made me think about politics and ideals for a bit, but that’s a conversation that would take far too long and meander down many different conflicting paths, which I’d like to avoid. But yes, when Abhitsit was first installed as PM, I did think he was rather cute, in a strange way.  I’m so weird.


5 things.

1) Caught up with L’oreal A and NYU GT on a pretty Saturday afternoon. We had afternoon tea at PS Cafe, Pallais Renaissance. They bitched, dropped names, shared gossip, I listened. I felt incredibly small.

2) Girl talk with S at Starbucks on Friday was satisfying. She’s practically the only person who seems to live in the same relationship boat as me, not that it is bad. We just seem to live further back on the curve than most, and while other people’s curves are flattening, ours are steepening. Not good. She’s and her Faisal issue which I have yet to check out.

3) I’ve been thinking of B and how B is.

4) Ofc drinks at Morton’s was marginally annoying because the Marriage question has been overasked this week. Flogging the dead animal for the millionth time. Funny how I was dreadfully slow to respond to the “Have you cheated on your other half question?”. I usually have quite a good and strong facade to react to these questions. Friday night, I just paused and thought about C and it was too late. Thankfully, no one said anything.

5) I’m trying to work on things with Z. Although, yes, I do, like ML says, secretly hold out for the perfect relationship. We made out last night, after a 2 month hiatus. It was great.