Life is depressing.

You know the feeling where you keep trying, working at the same issue is every possible way only to fail a hundred times over? Like fucking groundhog day… Bill Murray and his stupid movies. SMU is my nightmare. My nightmare turn reality where nothing I do in this freaking place seems to matter. No matter how hard I try at it, the outcome never changes, and even if it does, it doesn’t change enough for it to matter. Cover letters are tough to write, but nobody really gives a damn after you tell them your 2.7/4 GPA. So why the hell am I even trying to write and personalize these stupid letters since all of it is contributing ONLY to global warming. Life is frustrating, and I really don’t know why I’m still bothering to try. SMU is the bane of my life, and if I could reverse time, I would. Reverse the choices made, reverse the options explored.  IF. For now, all I can look forward to is the end of school. ):