Grey’s Anatomy 4

*squeals in delight* It’s out and I am definitely in need of new sources to watch it. I miss Addison Montgomery and I hate Lexie Grey as of now. Any move on Shepard and I’m never watching this shit again. It is bad enough that Bambi had to tell Iz that he loved her.

I am get so emotional and involved over a television programme sometimes I feel like a desperate housewife. Gawd, but I often feel the need to watch other people work out in order for me to work out. Which was a point brought up in the season premiere of Grey’s. I do feel the need for people to work out, people in certain situations to work out, to give me an indicator that I will work out too. I talk to friends sometimes and news of relationship distress often signals alarm bells in my head although I don’t show it. It’s bad and it affects the way I conduct my relationship with the boy too. Sigh.

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