Inertia down to my bowels

Inertia has caught me off balance and dragged me into the deep dark depths of procrastination, hence the neverending list of Ugly Betty I seem to be watching in the library and the lovely dark eye rings I managed to grow overnight. Two reports, two quizzes and I haven’t even started reading any of the texts. I’m so fucked.

 On a brighter note, concern from a friend really made my day. During class this morning, I thought to myself how much of a shadow I seem to be in this school. A fleeting shadow no one notices and no one gives a damn about. People who talk to me seem to be able to look right through me and forget me the next day. She asked if I was okay, which I replied I was, even though I really wasn’t. I tried to look bright and cheery, but she managed to look past that, which few people manage to see. I thought it sweet and it really made me feel worlds better. The events of the morning really made me feel small and silly. The reality of life bites, and sometimes I don’t think I manage it or survive the real working world. What do I do then?

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